5 Top Cryptocurrency Portfolio Trackers and What They’re Best For

If you currently have multiple cryptocurrency wallets, you might want a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker to help you keep track of all those wallets at the same time. A cryptocurrency portfolio tracker allows you to keep an eye on all of your cryptocurrency investments at once, without having to log into each wallet individually. Here are five of the top cryptocurrency portfolio trackers out there, as well as what might be the best crypto wallet tracker for you.

  1. CoinTracker – Best for Taxes

When you invest in cryptocurrency, especially if you invest a lot of money, you’re going to need to put that information into your taxes at the end of the year. CoinTracker has a free portfolio tracker that allows you to keep an eye on all of your investments, and at the end of the year, you can buy a package to generate the important information for filing.

  1. Koinly – Best Free Plan From a Premium Service

Koinly offers multiple paid plans, ranging from $49 to $179 per tax year. However, it also offers a free plan that gives you great options for tracking portfolios and transactions. It’s called the “Free Forever” plan, and it gives you support for unlimited wallets and exchange accounts, as well as up to 10,000 transactions.

  1. Coin Market Manager – Best for Premium Options

If you’re willing to put down a bit of money on your cryptocurrency portfolio tracker, Coin Market Manager may be a good option. The free version also includes basic portfolio features, and there’s a seven-day free trial on the pro version, so you can make sure you like it before you pay.

  1. Blockfolio – Best for Mobile Devices

As one of the older and better-known crypto trackers out there, Blockfolio is a solid choice for most people. It is owned by FTX, but it supports tracking for balances and accounts outside FTX. Although it supports trading through FTX, many people use it just to connect accounts and track balances, making it an effective cryptocurrency portfolio tracker for many people.

  1. Lunch Money – Best to Track All Forms of Currency

If you’re interested in tracking all your investments in one place, including general stock and bond investments and bank accounts, Lunch Money may be a great option. You can connect to cryptocurrency wallets, hardware wallets, bank accounts, and investment data, allowing you to track your entire investment structure from one app. It charges a modest fee, which might be worth it if you just want one place to look at everything.


Cryptocurrency portfolio trackers can be a great addition to your cryptocurrency investment options. If you’re a big cryptocurrency investor or you’re just getting into the flow of investing in cryptocurrency, you might want to start looking into cryptocurrency portfolio trackers. These are all different trackers, doing different things and having an emphasis on different options. With this information, you’ll be able to choose the cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that will work best for your specific investing strategy.

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