Countries you should go on holiday in Europe

Europe is the most popular destination for expatriates because of the diverse culture and history, beautiful countryside, lively cities, a great traditional and cutting-edge food. Some countries that would be great travel destinations in Europe include France, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Switzerland, and the Republic of Ireland. Its ancestral links continue to attract people of all ages to travel, study, work and live in Europe.

Living in Europe has its pros and cons when it comes to taxes, healthcare, and job opportunities. But luckily, there are as many as forty-four different countries in the old continent that you can choose from depending on your budget, career goals, and language skills. This way, you would be spoilt for choices when selecting the best travel destination in luxury vacation rentals.

Cheapest country to travel in Europe

While some countries in Europe have a reputation of being expensive, that’s not the picture of entire Europe. Countries such as Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Turkey, Latvia, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary, Montenegro, to mention a few, are considered some of the cheapest countries to tour or live with a considerable budget of approximately less than $1500. Some Eastern European countries are surprisingly affordable and may form perfect destinations to visit or live abroad. These countries are some of the cheapest countries in Europe, with excellent healthcare systems and good quality of life.

Moving to these European countries can be easier than other Western European countries. Europe is not always prohibitively expensive. Some of the countries in Europe can be as cheap as countries in South East Asia. Nonetheless, some great and inexpensive travel destinations are beautiful because of the architecture, historic sites, and other exciting features.

Most beautiful country in Europe

The continent of Europe has all the places of the site to make it any traveler’s paradise, from the incredible architecture, diverse landscapes ranging from mountains to waterfalls and forests. It has everything to take your breath away. Beautiful countries in the European continent include but are not limited to Portugal, Italy, Ireland, France, Croatia, Belgium, Scotland, Austria, Norway, and Switzerland. Each of these countries offers a unique experience. This experience depends on the time spent touring around the iconic travel destinations within the countries.

Which European country is the most visited?

France is the most popular tourist destination in Europe, with more than eighty-nine million tourists every year. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, France has been the most visited country in Europe and the world. Many people visit France because they consider it one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world.

Disneyland Paris is the most preferred tourist destination in Europe because of its vast popularity. Other destinations that attract most people in Europe include the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Art, Palace Versailles, Tour De France, French Train Transportation, and the French Alps. Most important tourists also enjoy the French food. Food is considered among the primary reasons for tourists to visit a given tourist destination.

What country in Europe should you visit?

Although it is one of the world’s smallest continents, Europe welcomes half of all the tourists worldwide. Whether you are on a budget or need a touch of elegance in your trip, there is a destination that would suit your exact needs in Europe. It has well preserved cultural heritage, safety, rich history, and efficient infrastructure makes visiting Europe a breezy destination. Each of the mentioned European countries has a distinctive appeal. While some have not been showcased, others are popularly known among frequent tourists.

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