Four Signs You Are Madly in Love with Your Car

It doesn’t matter whether you have had a car for quite some time now or whether you just got a brand-new car; there are some signs that suggest that you are in love with your car. The bond that you share with your car might go way beyond the normal bonds of love.

Now, we all love our cars in some way or another – but – some of us really love our vehicle to the point that we might not tell our significant other how much we truly love our car.

Here are some signs that indicate that you are head over heels with your car.

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You Panic Every Time You Park

The first sign that you are in love with your car is when you panic every time you park the car. In your mind, you might panic every time you have to find a parking spot for your favorite car, and you go out of your way to park your car in a spot where nobody else has parked yet.

In the back of your mind, you might be worried about a random low-hanging twig brushing against the windshield of your vehicle, which might require you to opt for auto glass replacement – that is, if the chip or crack is bigger than the length of a dollar’s bill.

However, if you simply want to park your car way away from other cars so that it can shine in its own light, then you are certainly in love with your car, and you might have a problem there that you need to address and fix.

You Have Some of the Best Life Moments with Your Car

Another tell-tale sign that you are crazily in love with your car is that some of your life’s most memorable moments are with your vehicle. The memorable moments can include getting married – or – having a baby in the car. Your car might as well have witnessed your first kiss.

You get the point – if there are some memorable moments you have with your car, you are probably more in love with your car.

You Weekends are Dedicated to the Car

If you are one of those people who spend every weekend detailing their cars – even in the evenings – then you are in love with your vehicle. You might be doing several things, including paint correction, light tweaks here and there – washing it, and whatnot.

The point is that you are absolutely serious about getting your car the best-looking it can possibly be. If the answer is yes, then you are certainly in love with your car.

You Have Strict Rules for Your Passengers

You might have several strict rules for the passengers of your car, including the rules of not eating in the car and the rule of wiping the shoes before getting into the car. If you can relate to lying down strict and uncompromising rules for your fellow passengers, then you are certainly head over heels in love with your car.



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